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The insurances and protections automatically included in the price Dynastiecar

When renting a vehicle, it is essential that you are protected in accordance with the law and according to your own risk requirements.
When you book a rental car at Dynastiecar, the price quoted automatically includes Third Party Liability Insurance and partial deductible redemption in case of theft or accident.

Third-party liability insurance
This insurance is mandatory and is included in the rental rate.

She covers :

  • the financial consequences of personal injury or property damage that the driver or passengers of the vehicle may cause to third parties while in the vehicle.
  • the damage suffered by the passengers of the vehicle.

It does not cover:

  • the bodily injury suffered by the driver of the vehicle
  • damage to the vehicle
  • damage to goods, objects and animals carried in the vehicle
    damage suffered by the driver, the passengers of the vehicle and third parties in connection with an abnormal use of the vehicle, when the transport is not carried out under the sufficient conditions of safety, by an intentional or deceptive act of the driver and / or passengers of the vehicle, due to foreign war, civil war, acts of terrorism or sabotage, riots or popular movements, when the driver does not meet the age or permit conditions required by regulation
  • fines and related fees

    Theft insurance:

    The renter is insured against theft, but this guarantee can only be used subject to the return of the keys, the vehicle registration document and other documents necessary for the circulation, as well as a declaration of flight duly completed by the police. or the gendarmerie.

    The franchise remains the responsibility of the customer.



You benefit, during the period of your rental agreed with the renter without additional charge *, of a service of breakdown and assistance related to the use of the vehicle.

NOTE: the fuel errors due to the customer, the breakage or the loss of keys of the rented vehicle, as well as the punctures of tires will be the object of a flat invoicing:

  • Loss or breakage of keys: 100 € T.T.C
  • Fuel breakdown: 110 € T.T.C
  • Fuel errors without engine break: 200 € T.T.C


The renter declares that the five tires of the car are in good condition, without cuts; that wear is normal. In case of deterioration of one of them for a cause other than normal wear and tear, the tenant agrees to replace immediately with a tire of the same size and the same brand as those that fitted the rented vehicle.


The supplier gives no refund for any unused fuel